Cordon DS2i labeled by the French armies

Cordon DS2i obtained the label “used by the French armies” for the supply of 4th generation radio control boxes. This label attests to the commissioning of the product within the forces.

The SIMMT department visits Cordon DS2i

The 33rd Defence Commission of the Richelieu Committee was held on Monday 12 April by videoconference from Cordon DS2i’s premises in Val-de-Reuil with the participation of the Central Director of the SIMMT (Integrated Structure for the Maintenance of Operational Condition of Land Equipment).

In the spirit of the MCO-T partnership charter signed in 2020, this meeting was an opportunity to present Cordon DS2i’s capabilities in programme management for the development and maintenance in operational condition and support of C4ISR systems.

Exchanges with the leaders of the SMEs of the Richelieu Committee allowed us to address their problems and to better understand the functioning and needs of the SIMMT.


IHEDN students visit Cordon DS2i in Normandy

Cordon DS2i had the pleasure to welcome on Wednesday February 24, 2021, on its Val de Reuil site, the students of the Institut des Hautes Etudes de la Défense Nationale (IHEDN) for the 123rd IHEDN-Jeunes cycle sessions of February 2021 in Rouen.

They were able to discover, through workshops, all the multi-disciplinary skills of the hardware and software systems integrators (design, development, testing, OTOCOQ delivery, H24 worldwide integrated logistics support), equipment and systems for Defense and Security that have been contributing to the know-how of Cordon DS2i teams for more than 20 years.

They were also able to evaluate, during demonstrations, the sensitive site surveillance solutions developed at the Val de Reuil site: the Sensitive Infrastructure Protection Dome (DPIS) and the 2nd generation Mobile Detection and Intelligence System (SMDR2).



Signature of the maintenance charter between SIMMT and Cordon DS2i


On Wednesday 23rd September, Cordon DS2i and SIMMT – Integrated structure for the maintenance of land equipment in operational condition signed the partnership charter for the maintenance of land equipment in operational condition.
On the occasion of this ceremony organised by GICAT, the Central Director of SIMMT, encouraged the positioning of Cordon DS2i as a player in the land-based MCO landscape.



Cordon DS2i at the IHEDN day at the BA105 in Evreux


Cordon DS2i took part on Thursday, October 15th in the IHEDN day organised by the 105 air base in Evreux. This day of presentation of the French Air and Space Forces to the IHEDN and the Ecole de Guerre was the opportunity for us to exhibit in the innovation area the new features of our surveillance and detection solutions #SMDR2 and #DPIS as well as the anti-UAV solution from our partner Drone XTR. A large audience of defence experts discovered our systems with interest.



JOP 2024 : DPIS® selected for “Major Events including Paris Olympics Games 2024″by CSF


Following a Call for Expressions of Interest and evaluation by an independent jury, on 27 September 2019, the Strategic Committee for Security Industries awarded the label «Grands Événements, including the JOP Paris 2024» Cordon DS2i’s Protective Dome Solution for Sensitive Infrastructure, recognizing its potential interest in the security of this type of large-scale event.

The Dome of Protection for Sensitive Infrastructure (DPIS®), is a mobile system of surveillance and a day and night multi-threat management, operational quickly, permanent and resilient, covering large areas to be monitored in discrete and agile mode (mast).

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Cordon DS2i at Innovation space of BA105


On 5 December 2019, the IHEDN and the School of War benefited from a presentation of the Air Force and its innovations during their visit to the Evreux 105 air base.

For this event, Cordon Ds2i, installed at the “innovation space” and more specifically at the “PRODEF Challenge” booth, was invited to present its monitoring activities and solutions to high-level listeners who showed a great deal of interest and curiosity.”


Certification EN 9100

Cordon DS2i Certified EN 9100


Cordon DS2i Certified EN9100 :

Cordon Ds2i’s quality policy has always been central to the smooth running of its organization.

In 2018, Cordon Ds2i management decided, after obtaining the renewal of its ISO 9001 and ISO140001 certification in 2016, to engage the company in the EN 9100 certification process.
Today we are pleased to announce the achievement of the certification EN 9100: 2018 attesting to the quality of our processes, services and products.

This standard fulfils the requirements imposed, mainly by the Aeronautics, Space and Defence sector, where we wish to continue our positioning as a sub-sector for the supply of parts and related services (MCO, MRO, etc.).
This marks the culmination of a long process of optimizing our quality system, the stakes of which were to guarantee and master the commitments made to our customers. It thus provides a guarantee of high quality, reliability and safety of our products, a high-performance customer service and reduces costs in the value chain.


ARMADA 2019: Cordon DS2i SMDR2® system in security support

Cordon DS2i Official Licensee Armada 2019

The Armada 2019 chooses Cordon DS2i to strengthen the security of this international event. The agreement signed this week gives the Armada an SMDR2 system, bringing a mobile, agile and dynamic multi-sensor component with a wide operational scope to the entire system.



SOFINS Exhibition 2nd &4th April 2019

Cordon DS2i team has been happy to welcome you at the SOFINS Exhibition (dedicated to special forces) in Souge Base Camp close to Bordeaux, from April the 02nd to 4th, 2019, to show their surveillance and intrusion detection systems as well as our antiterrorist solutions and MRO and IT support.

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