Cordon DS2i Certified EN 9100

Certification EN 9100


Cordon DS2i Certified EN9100 :

Cordon Ds2i’s quality policy has always been central to the smooth running of its organization.

In 2018, Cordon Ds2i management decided, after obtaining the renewal of its ISO 9001 and ISO140001 certification in 2016, to engage the company in the EN 9100 certification process.
Today we are pleased to announce the achievement of the certification EN 9100: 2018 attesting to the quality of our processes, services and products.

This standard fulfils the requirements imposed, mainly by the Aeronautics, Space and Defence sector, where we wish to continue our positioning as a sub-sector for the supply of parts and related services (MCO, MRO, etc.).
This marks the culmination of a long process of optimizing our quality system, the stakes of which were to guarantee and master the commitments made to our customers. It thus provides a guarantee of high quality, reliability and safety of our products, a high-performance customer service and reduces costs in the value chain.