Do you need to quickly dispose of equipment that has become obselete, but that contains confidential or classified information?

Do you require solid guarantees  that the destruction process is completely secure and exhaustive?

DigitDMS ®, other new service of Cordon DS2i, is the only turnkey service of destruction of sensitive equipment in France to be accredited by the CRPA.

DigitDMS process

The service includes :

  • Inventory of sensitive material with you, the customer
  • Packaging of the material
  • Secure transport and storage
  • Disassembly of sensitive components
  • Qualified destruction of sensitive material
  • Declaration and certificate of destruction

The service is fully compliant with the following Interdepartmental Instructions procedures:

900 Protection of National Defence Secrecy within MINARM
901 Protection of sensitive information systems
1300 Protection of National Defence Secrecy

norme1 norme2