You leave as a matter of urgency on a new mission and have just got back a smartphone or a computer from your colleague? But how to be sure not to put you in danger by keeping critical data or forbidden data for certain countries inside the device?

DigitRAZ® is the new cyber security solution created by Cordon DS2i to safely, completely and permanently erase data from your digital devices.


Factory restoration and formatting do not guarantee a permanent destruction of the data, because it can still be recovered.

DigitRAZ® permanently erases all data on magnetic or digital media, preventing the retrieval and exploitation of sensitive information.

DigitRAZ® destroys the information but leaves the media usable for another use, ensuring a completely confidential environment whilst preserving the hardware investment.

The erasure process is extremely efficient and secure:

  • Using proprietary algorithms,
  • Deleting multiple smartphones simultaneously,
  • Generating hundreds of certified deletion reports
  • per day from an operator station.

The only “made in France” secure erasure solution, ANSSI (the French National Security Agency for Information Systems) certification under review.

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