DPIS (Dome of Protection for Sensitive Infrastructures) protects your sites and facilities from intrusions and possible degradation:


DPIS is a global monitoring system that protects sensitive sites such as airports, nuclear power plants, bivouacs, tactical plots, industrial sites or large areas such as forests.

Operational in 2 hours, this modular system consists of a 20m mast equipped with a 360° infrared camera, a mobile and portable monitoring station :

To supervise and detect:

  • Intrusion and detection inside the protected area (up to 1500 m)

To control and decide:

  • Multi-threat management system day & night, persistent and permanent.
  • Drone support to confirm detected intrusions

To verify and intervene:

  • Intervention, real-time tracking and guidance of the intervention team through tablets / smartphones
  • Transmission of the real-time situation to remote control pc or smartphone for supervision

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