Editor of complex software and algorithms:


  • Processing of geolocation-based information
– Extrapolation and tracking of leads by algorithms and statistical behaviours
– Advanced reasoning for situational detection and analysis
– Custom Information System
– Implementation of information fusion technologies for space-temporal entities (air, sea, land)
  • Multimedia data processing: text, audio, video
Cordon DS2i specializes in data analysis and fusion solutions and their integration:
– Data-mining, transcription, translation, retrieval
– Artificial Intelligence
– Social media intelligence, newspapers, big data
– Cyber and IS
  • Management of navigation mapping
Management of databases:
airport, elevation, obstacles, raster data, vector data, etc.
  • Image processing (satellite image reception station)
Satellite image of Gibraltar taken by Pléiades.
  • C2, C3i, c4i systems dedicated to surveillance and intelligence 
SMDR2® Man machine interface (MMI).



  • Solution :  

DigitRAZ : effacement définitif et sécurisé de supports numériques

  • Autres services et prestations :  
  • Audits et tests d’intrusion
  • Sécurisation d’architecture de SI
  • Formation et sensibilisation à la sécurité SI

  Cordon DS2i est prestataire de services informatiques de proximité pour “” dans le cadre d’assistance aux victimes d’actes de cyber malveillance.

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